Goals and benefits

CARMEN Smart Grid Goals

  1. Modernization and digitization of the energy infrastructure in order to increase the cost-efficiency of the distribution service
  2. Preparation of the power grid infrastructure for a broader energy transition towards increasing the capacity to integrate more renewable sources, including prosumers
  3. Contribution to creating a sustainable energy supply system and security of supply
  4. Improve the interconnection with transport infrastructure by increasing the level of security and flexibility of the grid

CARMEN Smart Grid Benefits

CARMEN Project generates benefits in various areas. These benefits can be divided into three main categories: benefits for customers/prosumers, economic and social benefits, as well as environmental benefits.

Customer/Prosumer-oriented benefits

  1. Improvement in the quality indicators of the electricity grid, in order to increase its security and stability level
  2. Implementation of the Demand Side Management technology (SCADA & SMR) in order to analyze and optimize the electricity consumption
  3. Increase network capacity and capability to take over renewable energy, the energy from the low voltage grid prosumers included
  4. Automation of the distribution grid as far as the correlation of the electricity consumption and output are concerned

Economic benefits

  1. Operation and maintenance costs reduction
  2. Electricity losses reduction
  3. Efficiency increase in the distribution service by implementing smart grid technologies
  4. Increase in the interconnectivity across the national and European infrastructure
  5. Improve the interconnection with transport infrastructure by increasing security, availability and flexibility of the grid
  6. Increased cooperation in border region and profile HU/RO

Environmental benefits

  1. Emission reduction by modernizing and digitizing the electricity distribution infrastructure
  2. Preparing the grid to take over the energy produced from renewable sources
  3. Implementation of cutting-edge non-polluting technologies, in the category of Best Available Technologies
  4. Increase in the long-term grid sustainability by replacing the technically obsolete primary equipment